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Got Halal? IFANCA Awards American Halal’s Saffron Road brand 100% Halal Certification

American Halal Company, Inc. received its official sanction and full certification of its Saffron Road product line and production facility as “HalalCertified” by the largest halal certifier in the world –the Islamic Food and Nutrition Council of America or “IFANCA.”

IFANCA currently is the halal certifier for over 2,200 consumer food and beverage companies worldwide. IFANCA is headquartered in Chicago, IL (USA), but also maintains several offices in USA as well as in Canada, Europe, China, Malaysia, India, Pakistan, and Singapore.

“We are blessed to have IFANCA on board as our halal certification agency. IFANCA’s standards, professionalism, integrity, and acceptance worldwide is unmatched. Indeed, it’s no coincidence that IFANCA is the go-to halal certifier for 2,200 consumer companies. Now our line of Saffron Road halal cuisine will be in good company with major food companies like Pepsi Co., Nestle, Kraft, etc. We feel privileged to have been awarded IFANCA’s full endorsement of our Saffron Road Indian entrees,” commented Adnan Durrani, Chief Halal Officer of American Halal.

IFANCA certified halal products are in over 50 countries and in nearly every major country of the world, covering all food categories. Some of the large CPG‟s that have turned to IFANCA for their halalendorsement include: Nestle, Cargill, Kraft, Colgate, Tom‟s Toothpaste, Lamb Weston (Con-Agra), Cabot Cheese, McCaure, Pepsi, Lifeway, Hershey, Lang’s Chocolate, Sacred Foods, Ben & Jerry’s, Unilever, Abbott Labs, Power Bar, etc.

American Halal is very enthusiastic about this new partnership and feels emboldened by IFANCA’s endorsement of their products and company. IFANCA’s halalsymbol is the famous, Crescent ‘M’ –so look for this on their products.

In addition to being Certified Halal, all Saffron Road entrees will be:

  • Certified Humane
  • Contain Only 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Use Pasture Raised Livestock with a guarantee of 100% vegetarian feed / no hormones given

About Saffron Road
American Halal Co. markets All Natural Halal Certified food under the Saffron Road brand and sells its products into select natural, specialty, and gourmet retail channels in U.S. Adnan Durrani leads the company as “Chief Halal Officer”. Adnan is a serial entrepreneur having founded Vermont Pure Spring Water and was the principal financial partner for Stonyfield Farms Inc. The rest of the Company’s management and Board represent a team of proven entrepreneurs at building premium food brands.
Saffron Road’s mission is to offer All Natural Halal Certified foods which are also holistic, sustainably farmed, and anti-biotic free. Saffron Road’s products are sourced from livestock which is fed only 100% vegetarian feed and are humanely treated. The Company seeks to bring its mission to a higher awakening with the local and global community, embodying a socially conscious company ethic as well as setting the standard for premium quality Halal Cuisine.

For more information about IFANCA, please visit www.ifanca.org.
For more information about Saffron Road, please visit www.saffronroadfoods.com.
For more information about American Halal, please visit www.americanhalal.com

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