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Saffron Road Lamb Koftis Now Available for Sale

May 29, 2012

To: Saffron Road’s Valued Customers

On May 3rd, we issued a Voluntary Withdrawal on the item “Lamb Koftis.”  After further review, certain lots were part of a Voluntary Recall issued on May 17th, 2012. Although not all produced product was part of the recall, we took extra-precautionary measures and requested that all lot codes at retail be destroyed and that all product in distributor possession be returned to us.

After testing, American Halal/Saffron Road agrees with the USDA’s finding that there is not an undeclared Allergen (Milk) in Lot Code AF2A18.

Thus we are making this product available for sale again immediately. As thanks to everyone that helped us through this situation – beginning immediately all orders for Saffron Road Lamb Koftis (UPC 8-57063-00209-6) will be discounted 15% for the next 60 Days.

If you have any questions about this announcement please do not hesitate to call the Saffron Road Sales Team:


Jack Acree, jack@americanhalal.com 646-221-7441


Todd Tolboe, Todd@americanhalal.com 503-708-9789