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What Our Customers Are Saying…

avatarI had your Gluten Free Chicken Pad Thai today. It was the first meal I have tried of yours. I am hooked! That was the best meal I have had - gluten free or not! Thank you!!

Tammy T. via Facebook
avatarI just purchased your Gluten Free Chicken Pad Thai and thought I had died and gone to heaven. This was most delicious, I was sad when I finished eating (I wanted more ). Thanks for producing a great product.

Jacqueline D. from Fresno, CA
avatarI am having a hard time typing this message because my fingers are covered with the Bombay Spice mixture on the Crunchy Chickpeas. I'm allergic to gluten-soy-dairy. Finding a snack that I can eat and that I want to eat (not loaded with sugar, preservatives, other "junk") is cause for celebration. Thank you for creating these Crunchy Chickpeas . I'm ruining my dinner right now because I'll likely finish the package before I finishing cooking (after I clean my keyboard).

C. Hoffman from Mountain View, CA

I've tried a few of your other frozen entrees but I love the lemongrass basil chicken the best. Your dinners are complete and convenient for single people who use the microwave a lot. In addition to being healthy, they're not bad on my waist line. Thank you so much.

Hope S. from Elizabeth, NJ
avatarHi, we just wanted to drop you a line and tell you how much we love your products. I use your Vegetable Broth and simmering sauces to cook with all the time and our kids love your chicken tenders . It is important to feed my family healthy and high quality foods so your products have become a staple in our home.

Mrs. Chip W. from Oxford, ME
avatar Wraps are awesome! I've been advertising this product to everyone I know. It's always running out when I go to Whole Foods which I think is awesome. :)  Great job.

Shameem A. from Hartford, CT
avatarI just tasted your  Lemongrass Basil Chicken with basmati rice. It was one of the most wonderful foods I have ever tasted. A mouthful of bursting delightful flavors.

Nancy H. from Flagstaff, AZ
avatarI am writing to let you know how much I love your Lamb Vindaloo.  I was so amazed at how much it tasted like a high end restaurant entree.  The spice blends are so good.  I served it to my husband for our anniversary dinner.

Mary T. from Keller, TX
avatarAs a presently single person, I buy frozen meals often, and Saffron Road is some of the finest, best, most wonderful tasting food I've had, frozen or not! Thank you!

Cathy B. from Denver, CO
avatarI just wanted to show some gratitude, to say thank you for your delicious products of high quality. A friend of mine sent many of them for me to try (I am in Montreal, Canada), knowing that I have a very rare stomach disease and cannot eat just anything, but all of your products have been very beneficial to me, they have helped me a lot. Once again: thank you, it was a real pleasure to taste your wonderful products!

Marie-Helene T. from Montreal, Canada