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What Our Customers Are Saying…

avatarPicked up the Lamb Saag a couple days ago...being Korean, I'm always extremely wary when purchasing pre-made ethnic foods...but this blew my mind!!!!!! I'm a huge fan of halal and sustainable farming/ranching. I make an effort to consume free range, organic, halal, etc. I tried this meal and I practically DIED. The Lamb Saag was better than most restaurants I've experienced! So of course I had to run back to Whole Foods today and pick up more...along with the Lamb Vindaloo and Chicken Tikka Masala. I just had the Vindaloo...and was not at all disappointed!!!!! I LOVE lamb vindaloo and while the picture on the box didn't seem fantastic (although the other dishes look amazing in photos!) The actual meal was SO GOOD. I'm full and satisfied and I am sooo tempted to throw the Tikka Masala in the microwave. But I won't because I know I'll regret not fully appreciating the experience like I will at lunch tomorrow!!!!

I am completely in awe of Saffron Road. And possibly addicted. Will I ever eat out again? Will I ever cook again??

Bridget M. from Facebook
avatarI just wanted to commend your company on a great product!! I was tired of consuming the same old frozen entrees and when I came across the Saffron Road Lamb Saag I decided to try something different and made my purchase. I have to admit that when I heated the product and was ready to eat, it didn't look very appetizing to me, but I gave it a chance and LOVED IT! The lamb was delicious and the rice with seasonings made it perfect! Thank you for making a quality product.

Candace E. from Easton, PA
avatarI have just finished making Chicken Tikka Masala with your simmer sauce . WOW...I am blown away with how wonderful it tastes and is so much like the one our local Indian food restaurant "Curry Kitchen" sells. My son got me hooked on Indian food and I am so happy I found your product. Thank you so much!

Charlotte B. from Muskegon, Mi
avatarI just wanted to write and let you know how much my family and I enjoy your line of food! Your chicken tikka masala  is our favorite and makes a great meal when we are short on time!  Thanks for making such a tasty line of food!

Lauren N. from Lubbock, TX
avatarJust had my first taste of Saffron Road....all I can say is THANKS!! I am so glad that I can go to my local Target and get delicious halal food!! Please bring out more variety. I hope my Target carries this line forever!

Sophia N. via Facebook
avatarI'm an extremely overworked college student who also happens to be a closet health freak. Eating healthy is so important to me, but with my hectic schedule, finding quick-to-prepare foods is essential. Before I discovered your frozen microwaveable meals ( Chicken Pad Thai and Chicken Biryani are my favorites!!) I was at a loss--I'm gluten sensitive and have increased protein needs due to my active lifestyle, and all of the other TV dinners on the market are gluten-filled, low protein and filled with unnecessary junk I can't even pronounce! When I discovered your gluten free, humanely-raised, vegetarian fed and antibiotics free meals that were lower calorie and had huge quantities of proteins and a high nutrient density, I almost cried with joy! 6 minutes to make a perfectly balanced and completely delicious meal, and your brand has literally changed my health, state of mind and, indeed, my life!! I can't go a single day without one of your yummy meals! I so appreciate the time and attention you put into your meals and that you put the health of your customers as well as the well-being of your animals first. You are truly a revolution, and I am so thankful for you!! Thanks so much for all you do!!

Haley M. from Norman, OK
avatarI just wanted to tell you how much I LOVE LOVE LOVE your products!!!!! I am completely addicted to the lamb dishes! No one else does lamb especially that quality in frozen meals. I go all the way across the city which is saying a lot since Jacksonville Florida is the largest land mass city in the United States  just to buy them. We have them at Publix but only a couple of the chicken dishes I will be sending them a request to carry more of your products! I currently can only find the lamb at Whole Foods. Thank you for all the hard work you all do for such a high quality meal because believe me consumers know as soon as they take that first bite!  So again THANK YOU!

Pamela L. from Jacksonville, FL
avatarMy son and I are trying your Crunchy Chickpeas and they are delicious. A gluten free, dairy-free, organic, non-GMO Project Verified snack that is Wasabi AND tastes delicious......Amazing!

Cheri M. from Erie, PA
avatarI just wanted to say that I have been enjoying all your products!  I have never had a frozen dinner that tastes as good as you would find at a local Indian restaurant, the favors just come out!  The Lamb Vindaloo and Chicken Tikka Masala  are the best I have ever had!!! I am also glad that I can purchase your products at my local Target store, I don't have to go to the fancy high priced store!!

So thank you for making such a quality product!!

Cynthia K. from Pflugerville, TX

I tried your product (Three Cheese Lasagna) for the first time and was blown over by the taste. You can feel the quality of the food in every bite and it bears no comparison to anything else out there.

I went to your website to learn more about your company and was pleased to see how you weave your ethics into the production.

For the record, I am not in the practice of writing fan mail to food companies :)

I am looking forward to trying more of your products.

Debra S. from Pelham, NY