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What Our Customers Are Saying…

avatarI love, love LOVE your Simmer Sauces . As a former natural foods brand manager, I find these products tasty and truly delightful - and natural. Our family has tried the Korma and Moroccan Tagine, and we have vowed we will try them all. Thanks for your commitment to producing excellent natural food.

Jacqueline P. from Petaluma, CA
avatarUnfortunately  my daughter was diagnosed with Celiac Disease this summer and is allergic to anything containing Gluten. She survives on the Saffron Road Gluten Free Products that she buys from the college market at Miami of Ohio down from her dorm. She tells me that these products do not make her sick  as some of the other products she eats as they  say “gluten free” and her only complaint is that the market runs out of the products every day. Now that she is home my refrigerator is full of your products that we buy from Stop & Shop or Whole Foods. 

Paul E. from Woodbury, NY
avatarDear SRF

I walked into my Whole Foods today to find, BEEF entrees! I had been asking for Beef entrees in the past, and finally they are hear, and they are so delicious. IN FACT they are my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE!!! of all of your product line.  I also think it was genius to offer Korean Flavors to the frozen food market, as it sets your product apart from everyone else's beef dishes.


Thanks Saffron ROAD! JOB WELL DONE!

A. Wood from Birmingham, AL
avatarI recently purchased the Chicken Tikka Masala at my local Publix Supermarket.  I have enjoyed Indian cuisine in England and at local Indian restaurants here in Orlando, Fl. So I've had this type food before.  I don't write to manufacturers as a rule but this dish was so good, I have to take the time to write you.  Not only am I very pleased that your product is a Halal certified meal, but your recipe is the best frozen Indian meal I've ever eaten.  You have a very satisfied customer and I will definitely purchase you product again.

Good job!!!!!

Gloria S.
avatarI just wanted to let you know that the new Korean frozen dinners (bibimpop and bulgogi) are amazing.  I have celiac disease, so I only get to eat Korean food if I make it at home… I noticed that many of your entrees are gluten free, so I started buying them a little over a year ago.  I'm always looking for new frozen dinners because I eat them every day for lunch.

Belinda N. from Ann Arbor, MI
avatarI am delighted to have discovered your entrees. They are tasty, easy, healthy, and, I've learned, prepared in a safe and ethical manner.  I was so intrigued with these quality entrees that I looked into Saffron Road products via the internet. The 'history of the company' section is interesting and beautifully written. My ten year listened intently as I read it aloud.


I wish the company continued success!

Nancy P. from Glen Allen, VA