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Saffron Road’s Management and Directors are pioneers in the natural and organic food movement and have exercised great care to ensure that our products are deliciously natural. All of our meat is sourced from small farm operations that treat the animal humanely and never use antibiotics and growth hormones. Even our Basmati rice is selectively hand-picked from farmers who share our sustainable “tayeeb” values.

Jack Acree, Executive Vice President

Jack is the Executive Vice President of the Company, and leads American Halal’s sales, marketing, and operational strategies.Mr. Acree is an accomplished food executive, having successfully built two of the fastest growing startups in the natural foods business which now deliver well over $50 million in sales – Terra Chips® (Hain Foods) and Alexia Foods® (ConAgra Foods). He brings an aggressive and adaptive approach to our marketing and sales efforts due to his extensive experience with both direct customer and broker management for multiple channels of trade, including natural foods supermarkets (both direct and through natural channels), super centers, route service, foodservice and club.

Jack was at Alexia Foods from inception as Director of Sales. His team built Alexia’s sales to over $75 million today with over 26 SKU’s. Alexia Food was sold to ConAgra Foods in 2007. While at Alexia in 2002, Jack was able to immediately secure shelf space and for this start-up brand into 5,000 stores – in such top-tier chains as Whole Foods, Publix, Stop & Shop, Shoprite, Shaw’s, Wegmans, and Wal-Mart. Jack also grew Alexia’s business at Wal-Mart from 88 initial stores in 2002 to over 1,800 stores in 3 years time. At Terra Chips, Jack was part of the original founding member executive team. He grew sales from inception at Terra Chips to over $5 Million. For Terra, Jack built and scaled five broad channels of distribution for this niche start up: independent routes, gourmet shops natural stores, supermarket chains and food service (hotels, restaurants). Today, Terra Chips is owned by Hain foods and generates over $60 Million in sales.

Jack sat on the Board of Directors of the Natural Association for the Specialty Food Trade from 2006-2012 (NASFT or the Fancy Food Show), which is the leading trade organization for the specialty food and gourmet industry. During the biannual Fancy Food Shows Jack is a featured speaker at ‘The Basics” an intensive all day seminar for those wishing to enter the specialty food market. Jack is a founding member of the Slow Money Alliance and is active in local and national politics. He is especially proud of the work he did in Florida during the 2004 Presidential race and the 2006 Virginia Senate race. Jack lives with his wife and young son in a converted dairy barn in Ulster County, NY where they support local farming through membership in the Brook Farm CSA. Jack is the a local organizer for the local CROPP Walk against Hunger and is a Deacon of his local Reformed Church.

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